Rob Grosso

Lead/Rhythm Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Musical Influences

Eddie VanHalen, Alex Lifeson, Joe Perry, The Edge, Warren Haynes, John Mayer

About Rob

Rob is a rocker at heart. Rob’s crunchy rhythms and tasty lead solos give the Paul Paoli Band its drive and edge. Whether he is playing a soaring lead or accompanying another player, Rob has a natural ability to play in the right spots. His lead harmony guitar riffs blend sweetly with Paul’s on the band’s original songs. Rob has also co-written one of the band’s latest songs. 

Rob began playing the guitar at the age of 13 with little formal instruction. He played in bands throughout his high school years. After that, he played in numerous bands on the club circuit on Long Island. The earliest musical influences that Rob recalls are heavy rock bands such as VanHalen and RUSH. He was also influence by guitarists that played a different style of rock such as The Edge from U2 and Andy Summers from the Police. More recent favorites include John Mayer, Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers and Government Mule, Finnish guitarist Ben Granfelt as well as Christian artists Lincoln Brewster and Jeremy Camp.

Rob’s style of playing and versatility have greatly expanded since joining the band in 2005. He particularly enjoys playing the bluesy songs the band plays in their sets. His Fender Strat and Fender bassman amp give him a classic blues tone that sings with emotion. Since the band has incorporated acoustic sets into their concerts, Rob has been playing more acoustic guitar than ever before. Rob has described playing leads on the acoustic guitar as “pretty challenging”.

Rob is truly a family man. He is married with two children and thankful to God for his family. He has attended the same church for close to 25 years. The band has had a great impact on Rob’s musical, personal and spiritual life. Rob explains, “I’ve been playing music for a long time and it has given me much enjoyment throughout the years, but not quite like this. Sure, my playing has been brought to a new level with the excellent musicians in the band; but my relationship with God has also been brought to a new level. I’ve come to realize that this talent I’ve been blessed with is truly a gift from God and I need to use that gift to glorify Him!” Rob recalls hearing a preacher once say, “Not everyone is given the gift of being able to preach the Gospel from a pulpit. But you can do it in other ways.” Music is Rob’s way.